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OK, Phil. You’re either extremely generous, or, as has been suggested by some fitness industry icons, insane, but I’m no fool. I’m taking advantage of either the generosity or insanity. I understand I can join the Platform, a web and teleconference vehicle you use to keep your select group of fitness professionals at the cutting edge. Charge me $9 and . . .

I understand you'll send me the following via email:

- 3 months of audios and visual presentations
- 3 months of back issues of the Platform Newsletter

I'll also receive:

- A personal consultation via email or phone
- The ability to be a part of the monthly live interactive Platform call

and . . .

- A special bonus presentation on business revenue and personal wealth

I will be billed only $9 immediately and then $9 per month (billed on the 1st or the 15th) until I choose to discontinue. I can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. On that basis, here is my registration information:

(xxx) xxx-xxxx