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ASPIRE for Personal Trainers Seeking Excellence

Health and Fitness Professionals seeking growth as Health Catalysts are strongly encouraged to take the entire ASPIRE course.  It is recommended that ASPIRE is preceeded by completion of the 21st Century Health Catalyst course (not mandatory but a strong recommendation).

ASPIRE is NOT an ordinary course.  As most of the pursuits that challenge convention, the curriculum grew out of a belief change.  Mine.

I used to believe that in order to use running as an exercise modality you needed good running shoes.  Then a writer named Christopher McDougall introduced me to Mexico’s Tarahumara tribe.  They run hundreds of miles at a clip . . . barefoot.

I used to believe in order to achieve a training effect and effectively burn fat, you had to be in your target heart zone for a minimum of 15-20 minutes three times per week.  Then I came to understand how a six-minute aerobic strategy brings about almost miraculous changes in VO2 max and fat loss.

I used to believe a whole lot of things related to fitness and exercise simply because they were shared with me by teachers, delivered to me as exercise certainties, as doctrine.  Thankfully, I learned to explore, to experience, to challenge, and to discover new paths to betterment.

It’s that type of thinking that led me to ASPIRE.

What is ASPIRE?  It’s the most necessary, important, and timely career-development program to ever come along for personal trainers in want of prosperity and security.  We live in a society where the unfit population is the massive majority, and the conventions of "exercising and eating right” just don’t cut it.  Fitness professionals blame it on inactivity, on lack of motivation, and they hold themselves up as role models believing, if others ate and exercised as they did, fitness would not be a challenge at all.

It took years of study, introspection, and connection with icons in the medical field to fully understand why our population’s health continues to decline.  Here’s a bit of reality.  The 48-year-old woman who was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, gluten intolerance, and excess body will not respond to the conventions of exercise.   The 56 year old man who has lived the last 10 years under stress and has insulin resistance and the beginnings of type 2 diabetes will not respond to sets and reps and aerobic training the way a fit individual with a healthy metabolism will.

We’ve been taught the simplicity of combining supportive eating and exercise, but be honest with yourself.  You have clients who, despite their best efforts, just aren’t improving as you expected them to.  Here’s where a new type of knowledge can completely transform your career, turn you into a healer, a fail-proof coach, a master of true physical change.

In ASPIRE, I’ll help you understand:

  • The realities of  the shortcomings of medical convention
  • The realities behind the most commonly prescribed drugs
  • The common thread that runs through virtually ever diagnosed chronic disease
  • Why stress changes metabolism in ways that takes a unique strategy to reverse.
  • Why even healthy grains can be the factor limiting metabolic improvement and how to maintain a balanced nutritional program while reversing inflammation and reducing fat stores
  • What exercise techniques that run completely polar to everything we’ve learned prove to be curative for conditions ranging from diabetes to hypertension
  • How we can coach people to move toward optimizing metabolic energy and hormonal balance without making radical lifestyle shifts
  • How we can tap into the adrenal system to reverse metabolic compromise and maximize fat loss in a manner that’s shocking

I can keep going, but I want you to simply understand, this is education that has not been available to personal trainers, or to mainstream physicians.  I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve had over the past 4 ½ years that led me to this point of clarity, and I’m anxious to share it.

Here is your chance to register ASPIRE  

ASPIRE includes my A.L.I.V.E. Coach Training program (including the key points I've addressed above) + the most valuable strategies I’ve ever seen for turning personal trainers into confident producers with the income to live their dreams (vital components from my Be Better Program for Elite Personal Fitness Trianers).   

In the near future my A.L.I.V.E. Coach Training Program will come with a justifiably high price tag and will be aimed at physicians, chiropractors, and accomplished personal trainers.  Right now, I’m willing to shareALL of the A.L.I.V.E. Coach Training information combined with the key elements of my Be Better program for only $1999 (actually less) . . . an investment you’ll recoup many times over . . . and it gets even better.

Now get this . . . I’ll teach you to maximize the impact of an 8-week program by sharing the details of my A.L.I.V.E. protocol, a protocol for which clients invest over $2,000.  I charge $2425 per client for the 8 weeks with a commitment of only a single personal training one-on-one session each week.  Although you might not, at first, feel comfortable with a $2400+ price tag, even with a conservative first time out of the gate, one single client going through the A.L.I.V.E. protocol generates at least $1200 for the personal trainer. Also know that you can take 8 people through the protocol every 8 weeks.  That suggests that even a $6000 investment can pay for itself with the very first group . . . but more importantly, a modest investment as the one you can make right now is recouped with just ONE client!

In addition to mastering the keys to the A.L.I.V.E. protocol for radical biochemichanical change (a term I coined for helping medical professional see the overlap we can affect between biology, biochemistry, and biomechanics), ASPIRE trainers will learn principles of increasing income exponentially with immediate increases of $1000 per month now commonplace in the opening sessions of the program.

So, here’s what you’ll get . . .

The full 12 week A.L.I.V.E. Coach Trainer Training program (12 hours - $6400 value) 


The key success elements that have set the foundation of my Be Better Project (4 additional presentation hours)

This is your chance to take advantage of a very special offer. 16 hours of live webinar training will give you a power you never imagined.  It isn’t about making money, although it will teach you to align your true wants with your present actions.  It will teach you to combine passion and prosperity in a way that becomes effortless and gratifying.  Money flow becomes a welcome side-effect, not a direct pursuit.  

I am limiting the number of trainers I invite to complete the ASPIRE program, take the ASPIRE exam, and upon achieving a satisfactory grade, conduct the program for profit as a certified A.L.I.V.E. Coach.  I'm looking to empower personal trainers willing to devote 16 hours to achieving a career quantum leap. 

It gets even better.  I’m knocking over $800 off of the registration, making it only $1199, and . . . if you act now, you can break it into simple affordable installments as follows:

$39 non-refundable deposit

program start month - $290

the following month - $290

the following month - $290

the fourth and final billing month - $290

When I first came up with this offering, I knew exactly what my friend and colleague Kelli Calabrese would tell me.   As predicted she said, “Phil, are you losing your mind?  You’re GIVING THIS AWAY!”

I also knew precisely how I’d respond.

“This is groundbreaking and I want to empower those who deserve to prosper but have thus far been held back by mindset, circumstance, negative influence, or plaIn old bad luck.  I will give this program its just due once I release it to the medical field, which is mere months away, but for now . . . I feel a need to reach out and make it available in an affordable format for those who are about to take the quantum leap.”

I should note, Kelli registered immediately after ripping a hole in my generosity and went through the program herself.  So, with that said . . . here’s more . . .

You’re going to get the full 12 week ALIVE training, an additional four hours featuring a study of the key principles that have driven unparalleled achievement in my Be Better program and . . . a new circle of colleagues from around the world, a small handful of personal trainers who are paving the way, not only for our field, but for the health care of the future.

Along the way there are 12 mini-quizzes and a final.  They are conducted online, and review the material covered in each of the pivotal lessons.  It allows me to ensure that the material is being absorbed, understood, and retained.

I know there’s one more pressing question.

What will you learn? 

Here’s my answer:

An insane amount of material.  Honestly.  It covers everything from understanding disease to facilitating cure, from tracking biochemical markers the medical field is barely open to, to integrating all of the elements of fitness into simple time efficient exercise sessions for virtually every individual.  You’ll learn how to command the fees you’ve always believed you’ll ultimately deserve, how to guarantee results, how to change mindset in seconds, and how to reverse the inflammatory process better than virtually any drug on the market.  I don’t want to start the bullet points unfolding right now, I just want you to trust, if you register now you’re going to gain unprecedented insights into how to elevate your personal training career to a place of professional respect, career longevity, and financial security.

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know I live up to my promises.

Register now.

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