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The "health care" concern is a very real and necessary one, but the medical system that most people turn to in order to find solutions to their burdensome conditions may not provide "cure" for many who suffer with lifestyle diseases.  As the medical field has explored and integrated new pharmaceutical interventions, much of the research related to exercise, supportive eating, and reversal of disease has been overshadowed.  The reality is, personal trainers may be more equipped to help empower people to reclaim their health than the conventional 21st century physician.

I conducted an interview / conversation with two of my colleagues, two people I admire, to help personal trainers not only see the opportunity that sits before them, but also to find the courage to grow.  Now you can access the complete presentation and listen in as Dr. David Blyweiss and Lee Labrada shed light on some of the possiblity that lies ahead.

 If you've listened to the entire presentation, here's a next step to pursue . . . 

I am presently enrolling interested personal trainers in my ASPIRE program scheduled for 16 weeks beginning January 9, 2012.  It's conducted via interactive webinar and will present new perspectives that allow trainers to step forward and claim their rightful place as allies in the recognized Allied Health Care Team.

Read Making Happy People and the New Synergy to better understand your potential and the value of ASPIRE.

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