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All personal trainers strive to be inspirational.  They trust their instincts and their hearts to radiate “positivity” to all of their clients.  Even with that trust, if you're like most, you wish you could have greater impact.  You wish you could inspire at higher levels, and achieve those goals you allowed to slip because they just didn't seem achievable.  Now it's time to conquer those goals, to tap into a power you haven't been taught to maximize.

Inspiration ability can be honed, ethically, to create a contagious power that carries forward into everything you do . . . and it may be the single most important power if its channeled with precision, to reach your true potential.

INSPIRE is a 4-hour course delivered live, interactively, in four 60-minute sessions (one per week)

  • Session #1: The Six Point Secret That Ties together your heart, spirit, and income.  In this session you’ll learn shocking truths, many of them age-old but long-buried, others from the front lines of 21st century science.  With this new perspective you’ll understand how to tap into clients’ healing gifts, improvement potential, and inner drive as you amaze yourself and clients with their sudden and rapid betterment.
  • Session #2: The Scientific Underpinnings of Human Influence.  In one-hour you’ll turn any apprehension you have related to influencing people (selling / convincing) into a strategy for making your inner compass your greatest strength.  Never again feel you have to “sell,” but come to innately “compel” using purely magnetic modalities of influence.
  • Session #3: One Way Power Flow.  The power of coaches, CEO’s, Hollywood directors, and managers have to inspire others to action is a power that can be broken down, understood, and capitalized upon.  You don’t have to be “a strong personality” to get others to act, at least not if you understand the subtleties of the One Way Power Flow.  It’s a quiet, precise, 100% effective technique for gaining a position where clients hear your words with the highest regard for your instructions.  This is a power that was held by “old time family doctors” in the 1950’s and 1960’s but has been swallowed up and all but lost by an impersonal medical field.  The opportunity for personal trainers to master the One Way Power Flow is blocked only by an absence of knowledge.  In this one-hour session you’ll be given that knowledge and with it, the elusive power . . . yours to use and keep forever.
  • Session #4: The 18 Motivational Types.  In this final session of the course, you’ll learn how every single person has one of 18 different motivational strategies.  It’s almost as if there are 18 codes and each human being came with one of them.  If you understand the individual’s code, you understand EXACTLY how to motivate them.  With the “code” you instantly turn discouragement into extreme encouragement, potential program abandonment into instantaneous recommitment.  

FEE: Only $149 paid in full (or immediate $10 deposit + four weekly payments of $40 each beginning at start of course)

Next Course: Tuesday afternoons, October 7, 14, 21, and 28 at 3 PM Eastern Time (it will sell out)

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Instilling Excellence in Fitness Teams

From Chaos to Calm: Operational Certainty and Profitable Order

This course is uniquely structured to bring ease and revenue to Fitness Directors, Managers or Entrepreneurs who rely, at any level, upon overseeing a team.  The 5 – hour curriculum addresses solutions to the challenges health clubs, wellness centers, and personal training operations have faced since their very inception.

The program was designed based on years of field experience managing, overseeing, and consulting with four specific “types.”

The Reluctant Entrepreneur (the fitness professional with passion but a distaste for the perceived burdens of management and business in general)

The "Director” of Results (the fitness professional promoted into a management role with a specific interest in seeing end users satisfied)

The Creative Altruist (the manager who at heart wants to help others and is more likely to come up with creative ideas than to display an instinct for driving others to produce)

The "Pursuing Excellence" Risk Taker

For anyone put in a position where they oversee a fitness team, the following course curriculum provides amazing insight and incredible power to streamline and effectively steer outcomes, be they financial goals or achievement milestones:

  • Session #1: Maximizing Your Human Resource (Mining and Drawing a Return on Human Capital)
  • Session #2: Seeing the Greener Pastures
  • Session #3: The Only Marketing System You’ll Ever Need
  • Session #4: The Prosperity Formula (Creating the Funnel and the Collective Revenue Stream)

Each session is 1 hour 15 minutes for a total of 5 hours

The course fee includes a monthly 1-hour interactive teleconference over the course of the 3 months that follow.  These teleconferences offer the opportunity to focus on specific challenges and experiences submitted by participants.

FEE: $599 per person or $899 for up to 3 managers from the same organization

(early registration discount opportunities and “hot-seat” add-ons)

Economy plan: $197 for first 10 in new group (hotseat sessions not included)

$397 up to 45 days before course (hotseat sessions included)

Hotseat Sessions – (3) 60-minute teleconferences featuring individuals who ask for assistance with their marketing / management / implementation

Next Course: Tuesday afternoons, September 9, 16, 23, and 30 from 3 - 4:15 PM Eastern Time

(follow up sessions with hotseat will be at 3 PM on Oct 20, Nov 17, and Dec 15, 2014) 

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ASPIRE is a 16-hour program sharing an entirely new paradigm for “curing dis-ease.”  Personal Trainers, fully within their scope of practice, can help the population moving away from Perfect Health not only reduce fat and develop lean body mass, but also change the biomarkers that drive and/or evidence disease.  In this intensive program you’ll gain new perspective on the epidemic hormonal shifts that underlie the progression of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and hormonal imbalance now present in epidemic proportions.

Not only will the new skill set and enhanced understanding of health help personal trainers find greater value in their offerings, but it allow them to serve as true members of the Allied Health Care Team by offering a new language for discussing “the unwell.”  The unwell are not a sick population, as they are functional, active, and in the workplace, but they are compromised, usually medicated, and have moved away from their best.  ASPIRE gives you a thorough understanding of how our food, stress levels, and lifestyles create a cascade of mal-adaptations that are fully reversal with simple applications.

ASPIRE in its developed form was delivered live over 16 weeks, but in this intensive version, the student views 4 hours of recorded webinars each week and the entirety of the course is delivered over 4 weeks.  The final exam is offered and with a score of 90% or greater, the student receives a certificate as an A.L.I.V.E. Coach, approved to take clients through the proprietary A.L.I.V.E. program. 

Although the student can view the webinars on their own schedules, there is a “start date” for each ASPIRE intensive.  Each week for four weeks there is a live interactive webinar where Phil Kaplan reviews the subject matter and answers questions.

The entire program is only $400

Next Course: Begins Sep 2 with live sessions each Monday ( beginning Sep 8 for 4 weeks) at 2 PM Eastern Time

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: In September 2014, a 20-hour intensive course will be offered live, in  Boca Raton, Florida, preparing qualiied fitness professionals to step up to a new realm of achievement and profitability.  "The 21st Century Health Catalyst" course is taught personally by Phil Kaplan.  There are two (2) sessions each week, from 7:00 - 9:30 PM, offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Participants who attend every session and score 90% on the final exam will receive an A.L.I.V.E. Coach / Health Catalyst Certificate and a course outline and details they can submit to their certification agencies for Continuing Education Credits.  Future offerings will be scheduled for Tampa, Atlanta, and Dallas. 

Next Course: Begins Thursday evening, September 4, at 7 PM in Boca Raton (Hilton Suites) 

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